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Our Technology

The technology behind every ride, is extremely important to a safe and profitable zipline installation.  We have been working very hard over the 20 past years to develop the zipline technology we are so proud of today. These zipline technologies have allowed us to build some of the most extreme zipline in the world including The Eye of the Jaguar, a 2180m zipline in Peru, once considered the longest in the World.

Our Eddy Current Magnetic Zipline Trolley (US Patent  2013/0327242 ) is the most technologically advanced zipline trolley available in the market to this day.  It allows us to design extreme ziplines beyond what was considered impossible not very long ago.

The patent pending Counterweight Progressive Brake or CPB, is another of our great achievements. There are very good brakes our there, talk about the Zip-Stop, but none can handle speeds like the CPB with an ease of adjustment no zipline brake has ever been able to achieve in zipline technology history. We can promise you that.

From the revolutionary Zipline Trolleys to the Magnetic Zipline Brakes going through the best cables available on the worldwide market, we manage some of the best technologies to insure the safest, fastest, highest, longest and most reliable Ziplines you can dream off.

 HS Magnetic

HS Magnetic 900x200

Our US patented HS Magnetic Trolley is the achievement of 5 years of research and development. We have put all of our experience and technology is this revolutionary trolley and it shows!

Tested on some of the steepest and longest zip-lines in the world, it was conceived to fill the need for tackling extreme slopes before considered impossible. Armed with a powerful and fully adjustable Integrated Eddy Current Brake, It allows us to slower the ride to a manageable speed without friction, heat or wear on the cable, thus greatly reducing the maintenance needed to operate the ride.

• Rated 5000 lbs
• Replaceable rubber liners
• Custom wheels for cables up to 19 mm

Mach 2

MAch 2 on Steepest Zipline in America  Mach 2 with Chair Harness Mach 2 in Oman

This trolley was born out of the necessity to make the Mach 3, smaller, lighter and more efficient... and the result is stunning with 50% more braking power, better residual heat dissipation and a cool design.

• Polyurethane wheels reduce dramatically cable wear
• Double sealed ball bearings for stability
• Durable design for high impact brakes
• Back and front anchor point for horizontal flights
• Center anchor point for sport harness
• Custom built for 3/8" (9mm) to 3/4" (19mm) cables 
• 6.5" H x 11.5" L x 2-3/4" W


Mach 3 XT

Mach 3 XT          Mach 3 XT Zipline Trolley


the Mach III is designed for speed with an incredible feeling of flying like a bird. This is due to the polyurethane wheels that eliminates vibrations, noise and also wear on the cable.

It can be equipped with a magnetic brake to slower the ride on steep slopes or be push to the limit with the standard wheel.

• 8" H x 17.5" L x 2-3/4" W

 Zipline Retrieval System (ZRS)


The patent pending ZRS brings your equipment back up the zipline or use it to take your riders for a unique zipline ride that operates with only one staff.

At the press of a button, the trolley will start going up until the automatic shutdown hits the catcher block and starts the exciting decent down the line. 

• Two Long Life 48v batteries interchangeable for endless autonomy
• Electric engine with multiple programmable speeds
• Replaceable rubber liners
• Custom wheels for cables up to 26 mm
• Weights 32 kg



Counterweight Progressive Brake (CPB)

CPB Brake 900x200

This amazing but so simple piece of engineering is the last addition to our zipline brake systems and by far the best.  This fully redundant patent pending zipline brake is the smoothest stop possible on a zipline and can manage any speed you throw at it with an ease of adjustment unsurpassed by any other system.

This zipline brake is best used on high speed lines using the horizontal harness as the progressive speed loss is perfect for that application. 

Compression Brake

Compression Brake

Originally, we developed this zipline brake as an alternative to the rubber stopper that was often used at the end of a triangulation bungee brake.  

However, this zipline brake proved that it could work very well by itself and in conjunction with the anti-return system, another Zip-Rush innovation; it’s the perfect alternative for most of the high speed zipline landings.