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Cost Estimate 

Other than your time, we believe you shouldn’t spend precious resources at a zipline project before a professional tells you if it is possible and before you have a rough idea of its cost; it could be over your anticipated budget or your property may not have the features for a zipline of canopy tour.  

Out of respect for our clients and as opposed to some other less transparent companies out there, we emphasis a lot on this crucial step before you invest in the necessary site visit and survey. 

This being said, every project with Zip-Rush starts with a virtual feasibility study.  We will ask you to gather the GPS coordinates of the general area and, if already defined, the launching and landing locations of your line(s).  The best way to achieve that is by using Google Earth Placemarks.  If you are not sure how this works, view the first video on this page and the second one to learn how to send it to us.

We will also appreciate any pictures you may have, a description of your concept project, an approximate timeline stating when you ideally would like to see that project get off the ground to start generating revenues and any other info you can think off.  Then, if whe have enough information, we will send you the cost estimate detailing most anticipated cost like our flat rate honoraries as well as site work, material and PPE breakdown and much more. 

At this stage, it is also the right timing to discuss what other activities you would like to complement the tour with.  We offer many options like Ropes Courses, Climbing Structures, Giant Swings, Powerfan, Human Sling Shot and more.  The limit is your imagination. 

CHECKLIST: Coordinates - Pictures - Timeline - Description
Site Visit and Survey

Eventually, we will need to visit your site in order to propose the final design and quote. In some rare specific cases, this step can be omitted but best results are always achieved if we can visit the site prior to design phase. 

First, Stephan will assess your site and propose launching and landing sites for your zipline(s) and any other activities you may like us to build.Then, we will get together with the surveyor we previously arranged to measure the whole span(s).  The gathered data’s will then be input in AutoCAD to simulate the cable’s catenary curve, precisely measure the clearance at any conflicting point on the span as well as getting the exact force the cable will be tensioned at, along with many more design consideration directly deriving from the catenary study information: size of cable, layout of landing space, choice of trolley and brake design.

At this point in time, you will have all the info necessary to make a wise decision as to whether or not hiring us for design, engineering, installation, training and support.

Typically, we do not charge for site visits. However, we ask you to cover all the travel expenses plus a small fix fee (depending on location) to cover other general expenses we know we’ll bump into while traveling (seat upgrades, origin land transportation etc.). 

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