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Getting started with Zip-Rush®


Cost Estimate

Zipline Cost Estimate

Other than your time, we believe you shouldn’t spend precious resources at a zipline project before a professional tells you if it is possible and before you have a rough idea of its cost; it could be over your anticipated budget or your property may not have the features for a zipline of canopy tour.  Out of respect for our clients and as opposed to some other less transparent companies out there, we emphasis a lot on this crucial step before you invest in the necessary site visit and survey. 

This being said, every project with Zip-Rush starts with a virtual feasibility study.  We will ask you to gather the GPS coordinates of the general area and, if already defined, the launching and landing locations of your line(s).  The best way to achieve that is by using Google Earth Placemarks.  If you are not sure how this works, here’s a video link to help you with the process. Here's another link showing how to send this placemark to us.  

We will also appreciate any pictures you may have, a description of your concept project, an approximate timeline stating when you ideally would like to see that project get off the ground and start generating revenues and any other info you can think off.  Then, if whe have enough information, we will send you the cost estimate detailing most anticipated cost like our flat rate honoraries as well as site work, material and PPE breakdown and much more. 

At this stage, it is also the right timing to discuss what other activities you would like to complement the tour with.  We offer many options like Ropes Courses, Climbing Structures, Giant Swings, Powerfan, Human Sling Shot and more.  The limit is your imagination.


Site Visit and Survey

Eventually, we will need to visit your site in order to propose the final design and quote. In some rare specific cases, this step can be omitted but best results are always achieved if we can visit the site prior to design phase. 

First, Stephan will assess your site and propose launching and landing sites for your zipline(s) and any other activities you may like us to build.

Then, we will get together with the surveyor we previously arranged to measure the whole span(s).  The gathered data’s will then be input in AutoCAD to simulate the cable’s catenary curve, precisely measure the clearance at any conflicting point on the span as well as getting the exact force the cable will be tensioned at, along with many more design consideration directly deriving from the catenary study information: size of cable, layout of landing space, choice of trolley and brake design.

At this point in time, you will have all the info necessary to make a wise decision as to whether or not hiring us for design, engineering, installation, training and support.

Typically, we do not charge for site visits. However, we ask you to cover all the travel expenses plus a small fix fee (depending on location) to cover other general expenses we know we’ll bump into while traveling.

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Ascensacion-Magnetic Trolley

Magnetic Trolley






Our US patented HS Magnetic Trolley is the achievement of 5 years of research and development. We have put all of our experience and technology is this revolutionary trolley and it shows!

Tested in Nepal one the steepest and one of the longest zip-line in the world, it was conceived to fill the need for tackeling extreme slopes before considered impossible. Armed with a powerful and fully adjustable Integrated Eddy Current Brake, It allows us to slower the ride to a manageable speed without friction, heat or wear on the cable, thus greatly reducing the maintenance needed to operate the ride.

Because it is bound to an unshakable law of physics just as reliable as gravity, it cannot fail and therefore makes it the safest brake trolley available on the market for high end commercial zipline with slopes up to 50 degrees. It can be used with a regular climbing harness, two anchor point chair harness or a horizontal harness for top speed up to 180km/h.

And there’s more… it’s whisper quiet!


The Zipline Retrieval System or ZRS will bring your equipment back to the top or will even bring your rider up the line.  

Watch the Video


Trolley ZRS I




Ropes Courses

Ropes Courses Rope Courses are an excellent addition to a Zipline tour or as stand alone. It will add two or even three hours to your tour and increase your incomes dramatically.  

We offer you ropes courses in trees, utility poles or in metal post. You can choose from hundreds of different configurations… the only limit is your imagination.

PRCAWe are members in good standing of the trade group PRCA, the professional ropes course association, which establishes the norms and standards that govern every rope courses created within the United States and by extension, the world.  These standards assure that you get the safest rope course that is humanly possible.



Modular Ropes CourseModular Ropes Course

Designed originally for the project in Balaclava, Ukraine, this ropes course turned out to be the favorite activity at this now world class facility.  
PRCA small

The modular parts makes this design easy to upgrade to any size and shape. 

As always, we take great care in making sure our products are safe and reliable. This is why all belay and element cables are up to the PRCA standards



Mag Trolley with Superman II

 Zip-Rush System            

The Zip Rush™  System was designed  for steep slopes, speeds up to 160 km/h, lengths over 1 km and high throughput for maximized profitability.  

Thanks to our patent pending Progressive Counterweight Brake and the revolutionary patented High Speed MagBrake Trolley we can manage steep slopes up to 45% and high speed landings up to 100 km/h.  Such high speed landings call for a lot of braking space as it doesn't matter how good you brake is, if you do not have enough deceleration length, the landing will always be uncomfortable, not to say dangerous.  

No one else in the industry dispose of the technology to equal Zip-Rush's High End Commercial Zipline safety, reliability and profiability. 

This design can be equipped with our patent pending Gear Retrieval System or be operated more efficiently without it.  The choice to use this system is based on operationability and accesibility of the top and bottom sites.

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